Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of School

I couldn't decide what was more important: taking a picture of my daughter, ready with new shoes, new hair-cut and a "I'm so grown-up" grin, or actually getting her to her first day of school on time. In the end, I managed both.

Here I am, as never before, with the whole day to myself. I hope she's having fun ...
"Aurora goes to school while Mama works on school." Yes. Can you see how hard I'm working? Blogging = procrastination? Well, yes, perhaps, but less so when your education is in professional communication and you dream of one day being a writer. The cloud-filled sky of the rainy west coast: not the limit.

I have fourteen hours over two days to get a week's worth of school work done. My six-plus-year career as a music teacher/entrepreneur is entering its coda. Goodness knows what lies around the corner -- a pair of dirty pajamas, actually.

I hope she likes her lunch, and I hope she remembers where the bathrooms are.
I miss you Aurora.

Hello Communications 345!

P.S. Dear Google: Please make the formatting of Blogger posts recognize the use of the em dash, thank you.

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